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Unlock Your Full Potential with Streamers Connected

At Streamers Connected, we're redefining the traditional agency model by bridging the gap between brands and creators. We believe in fostering direct and meaningful connections that empower both parties to collaborate and achieve shared success. By eliminating unnecessary layers of intermediaries, we create a space where brands and creators can engage in open dialogue, align their values, and establish genuine partnerships.

Our aim at Streamers Connected is to empower both brands and creators to build authentic, long-lasting relationships that transcend the boundaries of a typical agency-client dynamic, while aligning with your goals and executing on successful, ROI driven campaigns.

Brand Services

Sponsored & Organic Creator Campaigns:

We deliver exceptional campaigns for brands that yield optimal reach and engagement for your target audience. Our approach is strategically timed with your marketing campaign to ensure maximum content output within your budget.

To ensure a seamless execution of your campaign, we assign a dedicated influencer manager who will integrate directly into your marketing team, fostering collaboration and a streamlined workflow. Our influencer managers will be on hand to attend your offices (location dependant), attend regular calls with your marketing team, and equip your team with a deeper understanding of the influencer landscape and effective navigation strategies that leave you with your own expertise in influencer marketing. In addition, we provide all the necessary tools for tracking, reporting and creator discovery that appeals to your brand.

Branded Creator Clubs:

We believe that investing in creator clubs presents brands with an opportunity to establish long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with content creators. Managed within a Discord server that Streamers Connected will create for you based on your brand (or game), these clubs go beyond simple business transactions; they provide a space for open dialogue, feedback loops, collaboration, and a shared creative vision. This approach changes the way we look at traditional influencer partnerships, transforming the influencer-brand relationship from a simple contractual agreement, into a partnership that thrives on shared values, goals, and long term commitment.

As with our sponsored and organic creator campaigns, brands will be provided with a dedicated influencer manager whose role will be to build, grow, manage, and execute on all creator clubs on your behalf. This will enable brands to have more time getting to know their community, and building relationships with those who are a part of the creator club.

Creator Services

Talent Management:

At Streamers Connected, we envision ourselves as a launchpad for emerging creators across all content genres. We understand that each creator is different and will have their own unique workflow, style, and overall goals. With that in mind, we wanted to offer creators a personalised experience, providing them with the tools, guidance, and insights required for consistent delivery of content.

Think of us as a “talent incubator” that nurtures raw potential and primes creators for a seamless transition into more established talent agencies. We evaluate every opportunity that arises for our creators, and go out of our way to find potential partnerships that are inline with the creator's channels, as well as reaching out to brands that our creators would like to explore a partnership with.

Streamers Connected Academy (Coming Soon):

Our objective with this academy is to educate not only established creators, but also those who want to explore the possibility of becoming a creator in the future. We will do this by providing online sessions that will be led by our experienced influencer marketing team, who will guide and mentor creators in improving their skills, creating more engaging content, tactical advice on things such as posting times and content themes for platforms and much more.

In addition to supporting creators, we understand that as the influencer space continues to grow, children and teenagers may want to start learning more about becoming a creator themselves. With this in mind, we will provide introductory consultations, dedicated support and resources to help parents support their child on this journey, mentorship and education on the influencer industry, and how to ensure to keep them safe along the way.

That’s a wrap! Whether you’re a creator, or brand, we have the resources and expertise to support you every step of the way. From game launches, to wishlist campaigns, or brand awareness, we’re here to help!

Visit our website to learn more about us, and feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you!

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