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Streamers Connected 

Games Marketing, Influencer Marketing & Integrated Communications Agency in the Video Game and Entertainment Sectors 

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Who are Streamers Connected?

Originally founded in 2017, our aim with Streamers Connected was to enhance community engagement among content creators. We successfully built a community of 9,000 micro influencers and rapidly established ourselves as key supporters of major gaming events in the UK. Our comprehensive services encompassed live stream panels, stage shows, gaming spaces, and talent management solutions.

Following a period of strategic consulting in the gaming industry, Streamers Connected is now making a comeback with a few slight differences. The influencer industry has experienced significant growth since our inception, and we are now equipped with a fresh set of offerings tailored to these changes. This is the perfect time for us to reemerge and once again help shape the evolving landscape of the industry.

Branded Creator


Our Services

Branded Creator Clubs 

More than a simple business transaction, our Streamers Connected branded creator clubs provide a platform for open dialogue, collaboration, and shared creative vision. It is through these personal connections that brands can tap into the unique and authentic voice of the creator, fostering a genuine affinity with their target audience and yielding engagement that far outstrips traditional influencer partnerships.

Streamers Connected Academy

Our objective at Streamers Connected is to empower emerging creators and demystify the complexities of audience understanding and channel growth. By providing a suite of online sessions guided by our influencer experts, we aim to cultivate their skills, enhance content quality, and accelerate growth.

Integrated Communications

Talent Management

We envision ourselves as a launchpad for the brightest emerging creators across all content genres, providing them with the essential tools, guidance, and insights required to consistently deliver superior content. Think of Streamers Connected as a 'talent incubator' that nurtures raw potential, priming creators for seamless transition into more established talent agencies.

Sponsored & Organic Creator Campaigns

At Streamers Connected, we strive to deliver exceptional activations that yield optimal reach and engagement for your target audience. Our approach entails a thoughtful blend of paid and organic influencer activations strategically timed within your marketing campaign, ensuring maximum content output within your budget.

We create integrated communication strategies to unify all marketing elements, ensuring consistent messaging across all platforms, thereby amplifying your brand presence and deepening connections.

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Previous Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Scroll through our gallery to find out more about the campaigns Streamers Connected has worked on, and the results Streamers Connected has achieved.

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