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Our Services

At Streamers Connected, we specialise in delivering comprehensive and cutting-edge influencer marketing solutions that will skyrocket your brand's success. With our array of services, including talent management, organic and sponsored influencer campaigns, branded creator clubs, and the Streamers Connected Academy, we provide a one-stop-shop for unlocking the full potential of influencer marketing.

When it comes to influencer campaigns, we excel at both organic and sponsored activations. Our Streamers Connected team of experts will craft bespoke campaigns tailored to your brand's goals and target audience, ensuring maximum reach, engagement, and brand affinity. We leverage the power of authentic storytelling and genuine connections to create an impact that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from the competition.

Additionally, our branded creator clubs provide an exclusive avenue for building communities of loyal brand advocates. By nurturing a network of creators who are passionate about your brand, we create a space where their influence and enthusiasm combine to drive brand awareness, loyalty, and advocacy.


Branded Creator Clubs 

At Streamers Connected, we staunchly believe that investing in 'creator clubs' presents an unparalleled opportunity for brands to establish lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with content creators. 


More than a simple business transaction, these clubs provide a platform for open dialogue, collaboration, and shared creative vision. It is through these personal connections that brands can tap into the unique and authentic voice of the creator, fostering a genuine affinity with their target audience and yielding engagement that far outstrips traditional influencer partnerships. 

This approach takes us beyond the realm of mere monetary transactions and ushers in an era of deeper partnerships, characterized by shared values, goals, and long-term commitment. 

It's a strategic investment that prioritises authenticity, continuity, and mutual growth, transforming the 'influencer-brand' relationship from a simple contractual agreement into a partnership thriving on synergy and shared success.

Talent Management

We envision ourselves as a launchpad for the brightest emerging creators across all content genres, providing them with the essential tools, guidance, and insights required to consistently deliver superior content.


Think of us as a 'talent incubator' that nurtures raw potential, priming creators for seamless transition into more established talent agencies.


Streamers Connected recognise the diversity in content creation styles and methodologies and, thus, design customised growth plans that align with each creator's unique workflow.


Our perspective on partnerships transcends monetary considerations, and we meticulously evaluate every opportunity that arises for our creators, focusing on the broader context.


We consider a potential partnership valuable if it matches the creator's channel ethos and aligns with their vision, signifying our commitment to prioritising authentic engagements over fiscal interests.

Streamers Connected Academy

Our objective at Streamers Connected is to empower emerging creators and demystify the complexities of audience understanding and channel growth. By providing a suite of online sessions guided by our influencer experts, we aim to cultivate their skills, enhance content quality, and accelerate growth.


At Streamers Connected, we offer personalised brand consultations upon request, including bespoke content strategies along with tactical advice on optimal posting times and content themes for each platform to maximise visibility and follower engagement.

Recognising the unique position of parents whose children aspire to be creators, we extend dedicated support and resources to help them effectively nurture their child's digital following and comprehend the underlying data.

As part of our commitment to those who wish to delve deeper into content creation as a serious pursuit, we are in the advanced stages of developing comprehensive online courses. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting initiative that we will unveil in the near future.

Integrated Communications

Sponsored & Organic Creator Campaigns

Through our Sponsored & Organic influencer campaigns, Streamers Connected strives to deliver exceptional activations that yield optimal reach and engagement for your target audience. Our approach entails a thoughtful blend of paid and organic influencer activations strategically timed within your marketing campaign, ensuring maximum content output within your budget.

To ensure seamless execution, you will be assigned a dedicated influencer manager who will integrate into your marketing team for the duration of our campaign. This collaborative approach guarantees a streamlined workflow and cohesive execution.


As part of the Streamers Connected's comprehensive service, we provide all the necessary tools for tracking, reporting, and understanding the generated content. Additionally, we offer educational support to empower your marketing team in utilizing these tools independently.

Our ultimate goal is to leave you not only with a successful campaign but also with enhanced expertise in influencer marketing.

We are set to become an integral part of your marketing team, providing a dedicated account manager whose task will be to craft a global brand strategy. This strategy will not only meet your business objectives but also connect meaningfully with your intended audience. Our approach is holistic, ensuring that every aspect of your marketing efforts is harmonised and effective.

Our services include a range of marketing disciplines, such as, influencer marketing, public relations, community, and social media management, digital advertising, search engine optimisation, and content enhancement. Additionally, we focus on email marketing to ensure your message reaches its audience directly and effectively.

Furthermore, our expertise extends to strategic budget planning, the development, and implementation of sales and marketing strategies, and the organisation and management of events. We also specialise in forging brand, platform, and first-party partnerships.

To ensure the success of our strategies, we place a strong emphasis on contingency planning, analytics, and reporting. This allows us to monitor performance closely, make informed decisions, and adjust strategies as necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless, integrated marketing solution that drives growth and enhances your brand's presence in the global market.

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